Which Stamp Club in St. Louis is Right for You?

We recently had occasion to go through this exercise with a new club and came up with this list. If your club is listed incorrectly, advise the author to have it changed.

Area of Town
Auction $$
Trading Session
Conducts Show
Outside Speakers
Circuit Books
Number of Members
APS Unit #4 1884 12 X x x West County

Webster Groves Stamp Club

1928 55 x x x $$$ Webster Groves
Monsanto Stamp Club 1957 50 x x $$ Creve Coeur
Greater Mound City Stamp Club 1885 65 x x Aug x x $ Kirkwood
Germany Philatelic Society Chapter #26 ?? 10 x x $ Check w/Members
St Louis Stamp Expo 1992 20+ x March x $$ Renaissance Hotel
St. Louis Bears ~~ Exhibitors 1996 14 x Zoom Only
Missouri Postal History Society 1999 30 x x x x State-wide
ATA Chapter 2004 10 x Chesterfield
Kingdom City Philatelic Assn 1968 30 X Fulton, MO
Columbia Philatelic Society 40 X Columbia, MO
Second Saturday Stamp Bourse 1970 ?? Monthly Chesterfield, MO

Number of $$ signs on auctions indicates average amount of lot prices.